Beware of scholarship scams! Never pay money to apply for a scholarship or for a scholarship search!

Project Scholarship Scam:


Triple A Award- Due to Mr. K by January 8, 2018

Alumni Scholarship for U of M Waseca Campus/South School of Ag- Available in Counseling office- DUE January 8

Winfield Ag Scholarship (In Counseling office & Online)- DUE February 10

MediaCom Scholarship (Available for Wells Students)- DUE February 16

Freeborn County Ambassador Scholarship (Freeborn County Residents)- DUE February 16

The Milford O. Larson and Lois M. Larson Scholarship (Science, business, technology, engineering, pre-med, accounting or pre-law majors are eligible)- DUE February 28

Foundation for Rural Services (Online or paper copies in Counseling Office)- DUE March 1

USC Common Scholarship Application (Coming Soon)- DUE to Ms. Klemek by March 2 ELECTRONICALLY

Naeve Hospital Auxiliary Nursing Scholarship- DUE March 22 (applications in Counseling Office)

Mayo Health Care Scholarship- All areas of healthcare- DUE March 22 (application in Counseling Office)

Minnesota Women's Golf Scholarship- (In Counseling office)- DUE March 31

Minnesota iHelp Blog $1,000 Scholarship- Deadline MARCH 31 5, $1000 scholarships, quick, easy, online app.

USC- ESP Scholarship (Open to ALL USC Seniors going off to a college)- Available in Counseling Office-Due April 1

Jordan Mutschler Ag Scholarship (USC Only Scholarship)  In Counseling Office- DUE April 1

Coyle Scholarship (USC Only Scholarship- In Counseling Office)- DUE April 1

Kraus Memorial Scholarship (USC Only Scholarship- In counseling office)- DUE April 1

Northern County Coop Ag Scholarship- DUE April 1 (Regional Scholarship)

Minnesota Benefit Association Scholarship (Parents are public employees or elected officials) Paper copies in the Counseling office. DUE April 15

PENDING SCHOLARSHIPS... will update when we get information and move to the top

Mayo Clinic Health System Naeve Auxiliary Scholarship is now available! They give out 3 scholarships in the area for $1000 each!! If you are looking at going into any part of the medical field- not just nursing or medical school- PLEASE apply! Deadline March 23 Applications in the Counseling Office

JAYCEE Outstanding Young Rebel Scholarship- $500 scholarship to a USC student. Essay is due to Ms. Klemek by April 12, 2017. Essay information is on the Counseling Homepage or in the Counseling Office.