Advance Tickets are $10 per seat. If purchased online there is a small transaction fee. Tickets purchased
during the event registration will be $15 per seat.  We will only be selling about 500 tickets for this event. 
Waiting until the event registration may not guarantee you a ticket!  If seats are still available after registration
ends at 6:30 PM, a ticket can still be purchased for $15, however that person will only be eligible for door prizes,
and will not be selected as a show contestant.
NOTE: If you do not want to be called up on stage for the game show you can let us know at time of registration.
We will not register you for the game show drawing etc.
Purchasing a ticket guarantees a seat in the auditorium. To be eligible as a contestant during the show you
must be an adult or in 7th-12th grade.  Adults, you are welcome to purchase tickets for younger children,
however they will not be eligible to be a contestant on the show. 6th grade and under will be eligible for
door prizes only and not registered as a game show contestant etc.
Please keep your tickets in a safe place as you will need them to register at the event!

The show will be held in the United South Central Auditorium. Please plan to enter through the High School entrance.  

Registration 5:30-6:30 PM
On the night of the event you will need to register.  Please go to the registration table and present your ticket. 
Our Staff will write your name on the back of your ticket, which will be used in our drawings for show contestants and door prizes. You can decide at that time whether or not you want the opportunity to be called on stage.  
In order to be a contestant on the show, you MUST register by 6:30 PM!  You will also be given a name tag. Your name tag is required for entry into the auditorium and it is also how the host will identify you if selected as a contestant.
During the Registration time, we will be offering "The ICE is Right" event. This is an ice cream bar and is available to anyone for a small fee.  There will also be concessions and food stand.  NO food will be allowed in the auditorium.  During Registration we will also have several Dollar Raffle items.  Any community members are welcome to purchase raffle tickets for these items.  
The winners will be announced at the end of the Show and will be contacted by phone if not present.  

Auditorium Seating 6:30-7:00 PM
On the night of the event, doors to the auditorium will be open for seating at 6:30 PM.  You must have your name tag visible on your shirt to enter the auditorium.  Seating is first come first serve basis.  Please do not leave empty seats between you and other contestants as we plan to fill every seat in the auditorium. 

The Show Begins at 7:00 PM
When planning any event, we all hope things run smoothly and are running on time!  The Price Is Right Fundraiser Team has created an event that we feel is organized so that it runs efficiently, however please know that with any live show there may be unexpected surprises!   We estimate that the show itself will take approximately 2 1/2-3 hours, therefore we expect
to conclude our show around 10:00 PM.  We have incorporated a 15 minute intermission at which time audience members can use the restrooms, stand up and stretch, and/or enjoy a refreshment.  Although we fully expect to concludeby 10:00 PM, we have a feeling you will hope things are running longer so the fun doesn't end!!!