Prize Information

For each game played on stage, four new contestants will be asked to "come on down" and participate in a bidding competition. The closest person to the actual price without going over will win the item up for bid and have the opportunity to go on stage to play a pricing game. However, even if you don't win the bidding competition, you will not go home empty handed! We have consolation prizes for you!

For many of the pricing games we will be playing, there are other items/products that are incorporated in that game. If the contestants are successful in the various challenges they will also win those items/products!

We will be playing 8 On-Stage Pricing Games. For 2017 we have also added a few different games.  Each of these prizes have a minimum $50 value! We don't want to give too much away, but we have some very high value prizes lined up! For Plinko alone there is an opportunity to win $250 in cash!

We will be doing our showcase showdown a little different than what you may expect. There will be two showcase showdowns during the show. We will select 3 audience contestants to participate in each showdown. The winning contestant from each round will compete to see who wins the Showcase Prize Package. All other showcase showdown contestants will leave with a consolation prize.

For the grand finale of the show, the 2 winners from the Showcase Showdown will compete to win the Showcase Prize Package. This isn't just one great prize, but rather SEVERAL prizes creating a themed gift package! The contestant with the closest bid to the actual retail price will win the entire prize package. The contestant that doesn't win will receive a wonderful consolation prize.

In addition to the door prizes already arranged, anytime a contestant on stage doesn't win one of the "Game Item Prizes" or the "On-Stage Game Prizes", those items will be added to a special raffle drawing table. Audience members can purchase raffle ticket(s) to be in the drawing for those prizes.

We have some special prizes set aside to be given away as door prizes. Door Prizes will be given throughout the show.