School Calendar

   Upcoming Concerts

  • High School Band & Choir Pops Concert -- Friday, May 19 -- 7 PM   Tickets --  $5 (Maximum for family: $20)
  • 5-8 Band/Choir Concert -- Monday, May 22 -- 7 PM  (Date changed from original calendar date)
  • K-2 Music Program:  Tuesday, May 30 -- 2 PM (afternoon concert only)
  • 3rd-4th Music Program:  Wednesday, May 31 -- 2 PM (afternoon concert only)

Introduction of Grit Magazine

Mr. Jackson is pleased to introduce Grit, a literary magazine featuring selected poems and stories written by his 7th and 8th grade English students at USC.  Each selection includes an introduction by Mr. Jackson that helps set the tone for the student's work.  

Click here for the online version of the magazine.

Congratulations to all of the students whose works were selected for inclusion in this wonderful collection!  Thank you, Mr. Jackson, for creating Grit and offering students the opportunity to share their voices.